CIRO Water treatment

Since 2006 your partner in taking care of the central heating / boiler water quality of your horticultural heating system. We proactively support you, signal on time, think ahead and, if necessary, go deep into the matter with research to clarify an issue and solve the problem. All to maintain your pipes, valves, boiler and coolers of COGEN, geothermal heat system or heat pump installation.

Over the years, we have developed a lot of knowledge and experience, gained know-how internationally and have chosen for the safest and best water treatment products available worldwide.

We have a highly equipped and accurate laboratory at our disposal for measuring water samples or deposits..

Ciro Waterbehandeling

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Experience leads to improved quality

We bring a wealth of experience of solving a wide palette of problems, big and small. Because we plodded on till late at night with research, networking, in-depth investigations and desk research, you can be sure you will be supported by someone who has seen it all and can make right (balanced) choices.


Not only coolers of COGEN or geothermal heat installations are vulnerable, but also boilers can be vulnerable, in particular to limescale.

Deposition of hardness salts via the suppletion water occurs more often than you think. Think about replenishing a deficit by pumping spring water or ditch water, the use of mains water, malfunctioninAg osmosis or the use of screening products that have entered into the basin.

Water requirements

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We have detailed documentation available with all water requirements for your equipment.

Partial flow filters, magnets, filter bags

Deelstroomfilter DN50

Partial flow filter DN50,
INOX 304, side flange and bottom flange

Deelstroomfilter DN80

Partial flow filter DN80,
INOX 304, sides flange